How a Celebrity Nutritionist Started Her Business from Scratch {with Kelly Leveque} - Episode #5


My guest today is the amazingly talented, brilliant and beautiful Kelly Leveque. With over a quarter of a million Instagram Followers, clients like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Molly Sims, along with having a Best Selling Nutrition & Recipe book hit the stands this year, she blows us away with her candidness in this interview!

With a hint of Kelly’s sass, she takes us through her experiences with some of our favorite celebrities, the science behind fads & lasting diets, and what it was like starting her business from scratch just a few years ago.

The world is going to tell you ONE way to be successful, but that doesn’t have to be YOUR way.

You can choose what success looks like to you by what you love, what you are passionate and curious about, and that will be what adds value to YOU.

By knowing your true north...

  • Balance of being a “yes” person

  • Strategize your talents for your business

  • Avoid overworking yourself

  • Learn how to diversify your business

Balance your “Season of Yes” and “Season of No” by finding what lights you up and following what fulfills you.

Hear about Kelly’s work with her celebrity clients: Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Sophia Bush… helping them reach their fitness and nutritional goals. She shares fun stories of her experiences with them, their down-to-earth relationship, and

Intermittent Fasting = a tool

  • have a feeding window (6 hours) & fasting window (16 hours)

  • It is “intermittent”, meaning it should not be done every day all the time

  • the benefit? - produces a surge of human growth hormone and testosterone in both men and women that holds onto lean muscle tissue and burns fat. It will only be beneficial if you choose the RIGHT, healthy foods during this window.

If this tool may not work for you… Kelly gives you many other tools to try.

These small changes will have a greater, long-term effect than an immediate big change. The progressive small changes will lead to a lifestyle change.

Check out her Fab 4 Smoothie that will make you...

  • Feel full and calm

  • Not have a massive release of insulin that makes your body shut down fat burning - but elongate your blood sugar curve

  • Feel fueled

  • Nourish your body for the whole day

She gives us a mom version & a kid version & tears down the stigma that smoothies don’t fill you up.

Let’s get the dopamine release & feel good about what you put on your plate.

Create ATTAINABLE to-do lists … So you can feel good about accomplishing your goals. And build from there.

Find something that is inspiring you & sign up for it. It will guide you to your true north.

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