How To Run Your Own PR In A Few Hours A Week With Former News Anchor, Christina Nicholson - Episode #75


Christina Nicholson has been on the receiving end of many pitches in her days as a News Anchor and when she decided to be a professional freelancer, she knew she had what it takes to be in PR. Christina is brilliant and does not hold back when it comes to telling you how it is. If you’re ready for business, then you’re ready to pitch yourself to media outlets and Christina is sharing her secrets on how you can pitch yourself. 

Get ready to put your ego aside and be known as the expert!

What we’re talking about

  • Putting Your Ego Aside

  • Know, Like, Trust Factor

  • It’s Time To Pitch Yourself

Pitching More Than Just Yourself

When it comes to pitching yourself to media outlets, Christina reminds us that it’s not about pitching yourself per se or your product. It’s about content and stories that a media outlet can use to educate and entertain their audience. Simply pitching yourself to a journalist does not make their job easier and it certainly will not land you a spot on TV.   

Being Known As The Expert

Christina mentions the “Know, Like, Trust Factor” as something that you need to build in order to be known as the expert. Whether it’s a year from now when someone remembers you from Instagram or the fact that you know all there is to know about online courses, you have to build that reputation and being promoted on various media outlets will definitely help propel you to that next level. Once people see you as the expert, they’ll seek out your product and content. Pitch your expertise and not yourself. 

Finding The Right Mindset

Everyday you see people portrayed as experts in the media, when truly they are not. Christina reminds us that it’s all about your mindset and if you are ready for business and are good at what you do, then you are certainly ready to pitch yourself to media outlets. 

Start putting yourself out there!