The Most Unexpected Skill Successful People Master - Episode #12

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Patience. When nothing feels like it is going right and you’ve questioned where you are at and where you are going, we must exercise this skill called patience. Many successful people in this world have unlocked this hidden secret and it is what keeps them grounded. When times are tough, take a step back and find the joy and happiness in each moment, it will keep you moving forward.

What we’re talking about...

  • One of the most unexpected skills that i’ve seen successful people master over the past few years

  • A few real world stories about how to attain this skill

  • The number one thing i’d recommend doing to help you get through some of the harder moments in work and in life

The Special Unexpected Skill

How have I learned to get through the difficult times in life and in work? Patience. The journey that we endure can be lovely, fascinating, empowering and so much more, but not every step of the way is easy. In the moments when we find ourselves questioning our purpose and our accomplishments, we must remind ourselves to find joy in the process.

Real World Stories About Attaining This Skill

Teaching a toddler to be patient is not an easy task. This is a real world struggle for many mom but in doing so you must exercise patience. Teaching my Mckenna that sometimes in life we really want things, like really badly, but we can’t always have exactly what we want when we want it is just as true for adults. The path we are on will lead us to the things we want if we can enjoy the ride and recognize our happiness along the way.

My Tips For Getting Through The Harder Times

  • Fill your calendar with things you love, you will find your people and your bliss

  • Fill the calendar with things that make you feel like a badass… you will be reconnected with your confidence

  • Fill your calendar with things you’ve always wanted… you will realize how in control you truly are

I hope you loved this Episode as much as I did.

xx, Kelsey

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