How to Become a Morning Person when You're a Night Owl {A Morning Routine Plan} - Episode #4


We’re not all perfect. Duh. We all have that one unshakeable envy in others. What if I told you, YOU can accomplish that with a simple change of mindset & 15 minutes, every day. By turning that envy you feel into a goal for yourself and dedicating 15 minutes, every morning, to accomplish that goal.

I'll dive into:
Following through with the goals that really matter to you
- Tricks to choosing the right goals for you
- A 5 step plan to revamp your morning routine

My Night-Owl Lifestyle

It all started in high school.. my school was SO close so I would push it and get up as late as possible. I racked up the most tardies in my high school history. This pattern continued into college, I was taking 9am classes and failing them because I couldn’t get up. Although, my brain gets a second wind of energy around 9pm. My dad is a night owl also, so I always felt my brain was wired just like his.

As I got older I would envy those who could get up early and be so productive, by CHOICE. I would envy morning people.

How I broke a 30-year Bad Habit

One small habit shift made me believe in myself. And there was a ripple effect. I was confident, ready, eager and motivated to go after the list of things I always wanted to do.

It was a sustainable motivation, it wasn’t fleeting.

5 Steps to Revamp Your Morning Routine:

  1. Start out with the RIGHT goal - a strong why.

  2. Create a 15 minute goal around your why - schedule it.

  3. Add loveliness to your routine - treat yourself with something you look forward to

  4. Create a physical (night-before) trigger

  5. the BTN Plan - Better Than Nothing
    - Giuliana Rancic's book

Create ANY new habit you want to. Recommit to the things you care about.

It’s the small moments that lead to the big ones.

15 minutes of being BRAVE can change the course of your entire day and your entire life. So keep on being brave.

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