Tony Robbins, A 7 Figure Business & 3 Simple Office Days {with Marc Bennet} - Episode #7


Today’s guest shares what it was like working for Tony Robbins (with zero dollars to his name), walking across fire safely aaaaand not so safely, building a 7 figure business where he only goes into work 3 days a week, all while spending his summers travelling in an RV with his wife and 2 little girls. The impressive Marc Bennet is a guy everyone should know, and he is so generous with his story in this episode sharing some of his lowest moments, the things that still shock his wife, and the reason he keeps on going every day. Marc is one of the hardest workers I know - not only in his job but in his passion to pursue a meaningful, impactful life.

We talk about...

  • Balance

  • The pro’s of 9-5’s

  • The cons of entrepreneurship

  • Mini Mentors

  • Why we both chose our personal paths

How Tony Robbins’ personal development program on late night TV changed his life, his relationships and his motivation.

We share our appreciation for…

  • Happiness in fulfillment

  • Compassion in contribution

  • What you give back to your family & community

  • Finding a mentor

  • Envisioning your future in a way that actually helps you set goals

Expanding on this influence - Marc chose to surround himself with people who continued to influence his growth, lift him up, and inspire him daily.

Marc shares how he found balance in the entrepreneurship life, owning 7 figure businesses, while still maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

Some of his secrets include…

  • Genuine curiosity

  • Led by a mentor or a MINI-MENTOR

  • Hard work takes persistence

  • Putting in the hard work balanced with valued, dedicated time with his family

  • Goal setting workshops

  • Challenge what someone (or some job) says you’re worth

Note to all who want a mentor! Find mini-mentors in ALL aspects of life. If you’re trying to run better, find a running mentor & really good friend. If you’re looking for a relationship mentor, find someone who has a great relationship and be around them more.

Admit you’re not an expert at everything, but recognize your many other talents. This allows you to be honest by embracing your curiosity through experiences that mentors can share with you. It tears down the Imposter Syndrome.

You can learn anything if you find someone that is good at it - buy them coffee, shadow them for the day - it’ll flatter them because they have something they can give!

Get out of feeling stuck…

  • Make a change

  • We all know what to do… but don’t always do it

  • If you’re stuck, you have to take the first step into the fire - get out there and do it to move forward

Be brave enough to make the change.

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