Ted Talk Speaker with 1.3M+ Views, Azul Terronez, Teaches Us How to Tell Our Story - Episode #67


Today’s guest has a Ted Talk with over 1.3 million views which I have watched over and over again. Azul Terronez has a background of being a teacher and principal, he has never let go of his love for guiding and mentoring people. Azul works with some of the most influential entrepreneurs out there, like Pat Flynn and Jadah Sellner.

Azul helps people find their story and bring it to life through a book, the book that they were always meant to write. Even before he become a coach for writers, he wrote his own book: The Art of Apprenticeship. A book he wrote within 30 days.

I wanted to share Azul and all his brilliance with you and I am so excited for you to listen in!

What we’re talking about

  • The power of little ideas

  • What makes good teachers great

  • The journey to here and now

The power of little ideas

“The things that make us who we are, uniquely who we are aren’t things we think about much.”

We have little ideas that sit around in our brain and we say it doesn’t matter. Small ideas are really the genesis of all big ideas, in fact, big ideas are just small ideas that more people started to talk about.

What makes good teachers great

“A great teacher eats apples.”

Kids want us to know as teachers that we have a relationship to them. It’s a mutual one, it’s a give and take, it’s one where they can give us something good as well. It’s a symbol for the relationship, you are being reminded of the fact that you can eat something a kid puts in your hand.

The journey to here and now

Azul was teacher, principal and university instructor for over 27 years but had always wanted to do something different. He had a few side hustles as he tried to leave teaching, and he observed that he could fail really well. When he hit rock bottom and was bankrupt, he realized that he had to find his way through it all. He started writing a book and attended a 1-day workshop run by Pat Flynn. It was here where he told everyone about this book he had written within 30 days. Right then and there, people came up to him to ask whether he could help them write a book – not realizing that these were business propositions.