Feeling Lonely & Needy? {Do These 4 Things} - Episode #51


Loneliness is a feeling that everyone feels at some point in their life. Whether you are living in a new city, are a new mom, looking for a partner or simply craving new friendships, you are lonely, but that doesn’t mean you’re needy. The hardest part of feeling lonely is that you don’t feel like you’re in control of it. You are searching for something more, but it can seem so tough to find that new friend or partner. Today, we discuss 4 ways to overcome those feelings and not only find your people, but to own your situation and feelings with joy and excitement.

Make time in your calendar to connect with new and inspiring people because once you find us, we’ll be better humans for knowing you!

What we’re talking about

  • True Connections

  • Being You

  • Don’t Force It

  • Making Priorities

Discovering That True Connection

The feeling of loneliness might make you question how you’ll know when you discover a true connection and make a new friend. You aren’t simply craving love, but you want to show up and give that love to someone else. A true connection will do both of these things and your feelings will be reciprocated in the same way.

Own Your Situation

You’re lonely. Own that and don’t be ashamed of it. You haven’t found your person or people and that is ok. This is your life and you get to decide how to live it and who will be by your side on your journey.

Don’t Force Others

You have old friends and relationships but they might be from a different season of your life. Don’t try to force them to fit into what you need right now if that’s not who they are meant to be. Don’t judge them for not fitting the role you want them to fill and appreciate who they are and the purpose they serve in your life.

Make Finding People A Priority

Finding your people needs to be your priority and it’s up to you to make time to find and make new connections. You aren’t needy for feeling lonely, so get out there and introduce yourself to new people.

It’s time to get brave!

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