The Proof Everyone Needs Before They Can Move Forward - Episode #8


We’re talking about...

  • The #1 Person You Need In Your Life To Become Who You Want To Be

  • Legitimate proof you actually need to find before you can follow through on big goals

  • The number one reason you’re probably feeling stuck right now

  • & how to get over that hill starting today.

I want you to know… that by giving yourself proof, you will see the possibility of your dreams becoming reality and you will lead a life more inspired and fulfilled.

Feeling stuck looks like...

  • Many de-motivating mornings

  • Negative self talk

  • Lack of confidence in decision-making

  • Unable to clarify my strengths

  • Feeling lost to pitch myself

How Alexandra Franzen changed my life:

She inspired me with how she went through her darkest days but overcame them with the help of her friends and family. Her workshop brought me in, loved me, filled me with inspiration and nuggets of knowledge in the most homey environment.

I was inspired by how she found her work-life balance… working with amazing clients, her workout routine, and her life goals.

When I turned my “pipe dream” into reality:

EVERYTHING changed for me the day I started to TRULY believe something I thought was only a DREAM, was in fact possible. It was when I began to be honest about what I really wanted.

You are limiting your dreams by telling yourself they are unrealistic. Part of the reason we don’t move forward is because we don’t truly believe we can have what we want. We settle & doubt what we really want, and we don’t give ourselves the opportunities.

You need PROOF to believe these dreams can happen.

It is out there. Surround yourself with living, breathing proof that your dreams are possible. The possibilities of people, adventures and opportunities are endless.

Be BRAVE enough to say you WANT IT.

You want something you are proud of, one that inspires others.

You are worthy of the life you’re dreaming of, and you are smart enough to make it happen.

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