The Behind-The-Scenes, Real Life of An “Instagram Influencer” {with Bri Dietz} - Episode #21


I have watched this lady’s following on Instagram go from less than 1000 to almost 60,000 now! Bri Dietz is not a photographer or designer, in fact, she was personal trainer for years. You’d never know this from looking at her beautiful feed as it tells the wonderful story of her life.

It was never her plan to become an Instagram Influencer, but she realized that in her own small way she might be able to ‘influence for good’. After her brother received a devastating diagnosis she began asking herself some really tough questions.

I am inspired so much by this lady’s grit, candidness, and true love for her family and I think you will be too.

What we’re talking about

  • Deciding to become an Influencer

  • Life changes and devastating news

  • Family life

How it all started

“Any of us, diving into a new career has to figure it out along as you go. And influencing is like a Wild Wild West”

When Bri had her first child in 2014, she had a passion for photography. She started taking pictures of her daughter and focused on this content for Instagram. Bri also had a personal training business, and a year into creating content focused on motherhood, she decided to start incorporating some exercise content into her feed. Her account started to grow in this way, but 2 years ago she decided to leave training and focus on lifestyle content. Incorporating a bit of beauty and travel.

Life changes

In November 2016 Bri’s brother, at the age of 26, was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma. The first year he spent in hospital receiving chemo therapy. Bri’s brother and husband ran a successful business together but because of the illness, her brother never returned to work. The strain was too much to handle and they decided to close the business.

Going full time

“I am going to step it up for my family right now and I don’t care if everyone gives me the side eye.”

Bri’s husband persuaded her to do Influencer Marketing full time. Even though there was so much opportunity, she was a bit resistant. But after taking all the events into account Bri took the plunge and went for it, and she is so glad that she did.

Being called an Influencer

“I do want to own it, but it kind of sounds presumptuous telling people I am an Influencer.”

Bri is not embarrassed to be an Influencer although she often stumbles on word when she has to say it, she prefers the word ‘content creator’.

Advice for moving forward

“Go launch, go do it! There’s so much that can get in your head and in your way.”

Do your research before deciding to just go for it. But remember that everything is moving and shaking and you’re never going to have it perfect.

Thank you so much to joining today, I’m over the moon grateful to have you as part of this community.

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