How To Embrace A Season of Change {Plus 3 Ways To Stay Motivated} - Episode # 22


We’ve all had those different seasons. It may be the season of making bad relationship decisions or maybe it’s the season of figuring out how to be a parent (I kid, I feel like that’s the season that never ends). But there are very specific, deep rooted seasons that we go through that affect every part of our life. It may be more of a season of struggle, where you’re not sure of who you are or what you want. Maybe this is a time of opportunity for you, a season of yes.

We’re all in some sort of season right now and the thing about seasons is that when you transition from one season to another, that is usually when we get a bit rattled. We feel a change coming on and that feels uncomfortable. If you are in fact in a new season, I will share some tips that are not only fun but they’re a sure-fire way to take you from dreaming to doing.

What we’re talking about

  • How to know if you’re in a new season of life

  • Are you fighting this season of life?

  • Things you can do to embrace this season

Are you in a new season?

You are in a new season if you’re feeling that sense of wanting more, you’ve realized that in some aspect of your life you’ve been settling, and you have decided that its time to start dreaming again. We tend to forget to recognize the fact that we are evolved human beings, that we have changed from the place we were a couple of years ago. What we want out of life has changed too.

Fighting the season

When you feel like you’re in an amazing situation, and you start saying you’re living the dream, but it feels like you’re faking it. You start to feel stuck and you get a feeling of being very stagnant and then you start to judge yourself because you can’t move forward.

3 things you can do

If you know you are in that season right now or you are going to take a step in it tomorrow, here’s what you can do:

  1. Get excited – focus on this instead of being scared. Your job is to focus on staying in a state of excitement, not nerves!

  2. Put on some Macklemore (or whatever your jam is) – get yourself inspired! Inspiration can be fleeting and it’s up to you to do the things that light you up.

  3. Open up your calendar – make big commitments or little commitments, but just make one commitment on your calendar towards exploring this new dream that you have.

I cannot get enough of you guys, I seriously love you guys, thank you so much for joining me!

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