How To "Switch, Pivot, or Quit" With Podcast Host & Former NBA Marketer {Ahyiana Angel} - Episode #40


Today’s guest Ahyiana Angel is a podcast host & former NBA Marketer. She’s been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, Essence, Career Contessa and The Muse among many others. The Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast has been featured by in “The 6 Best Podcasts to Listen to For Career Advice” and Career Contessa’s “12 Women-Run Podcasts You Aren't Listening To (But Should Be).”

She was the creator of a jewellery line featured by Vogue magazine and worn by Beyonce. She’s also written a book called Quit Playing Small, a book you’ll certainly love and want to have on your nightstand.

I think her best work yet is the creation of an environment where women can consume thoughtful audio and as a result feel more positive about who they are, feel more skilled in how they are stepping into their office or business and feel more fearless.

What we’re talking about

  • Side hustles

  • How to switch, pivot or quit in your career

  • Not feeling fulfilled

Side Hustles

A part of the reason Ahyiana created the podcast “Switch, Pivot or Quit’ was because while she was sitting at her desk, she would listen to anything that would keep herself going and motivated. She hadn’t really jumped head first into podcasting yet but she knew that she wanted to create something for women who were sitting at their desk thinking ‘this can’t be life, this is not the end, what else am I going to do?’

The Journey and Taking Chances

“If you start trying some things then you know, and you’re one step closer to figuring out what’s going to work for you.”

You don’t really know which way is the right way. Your understanding should be that you are going to have to take chances to get to that pot of gold you want.

Most people don’t really last in the freelance/entrepreneurial world because it’s not always cut and dry. Sometimes you think you’re going to do one thing and then you have to pivot and do another thing.

How to Switch, Pivot or Quit in Your Career

Ahyiana got to the place where she is right now by paying attention to the skillset she already had, the business woman she had already developed in to and listening to what the community around her was saying and what she felt was needed and missing in the market place.

You have to tap into a sense of courage and fearlessness, step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to those boundaries that you thought you couldn’t possibly pass.

Not Feeling Fulfilled

“You haven’t given yourself an opportunity to really tap in to who you are.”

You start feeling unfulfilled when you look at everyone else and you see them find joy in the things that they’re doing and experiencing. But you can’t find joy if you haven’t yet started to figure out your interests and what could bring you joy.

Thanks again for being brave and amazing. I can’t wait to chat next time!

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