“How I Built This” From Dabbling Life Coach to A Booked Business - Episode #41


Be gentle with me because I am going to get a bit vulnerable here, but I feel like hearing people’s stories, the true behind the scenes stories about how things got started, the highs and the lows – is probably the most helpful thing as we are trying to move forward in different aspects of our business and our life.

So today I share with you about how I built my business, some stories behind it, crucial lessons learnt and some very pivotal moments.

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What we’re talking about

  • Who I am

  • Where my journey began

  • The biggest lessons I learned

Who I am

I never thought I was going to a be a ‘business owner’. I just never thought that is what I was cut out to do or to be. The idea of being an entrepreneur did not sound exciting to me. At the start of my career in the advertising industry as I started to work my way up the ranks, it was here that I really tasted the idea of success. It was really exciting and fun, but the problem was it wasn’t home for me.

I wanted to so something more meaningful, something that I could really have control over, something that fuelled me and that lit me up.

I have always been the type of person who wanted both worlds. I wanted to be this very successful financially independent career person but I also wanted to be a stay at home, house wife and mom.

Where my journey began

I researched everything from being a massage therapist, to going back to business school, to becoming a high school counsellor, I even thought about becoming a family and marriage therapist. I went deep into all of these ideas, I met with people who were doing these jobs and also went to orientations.

One day in London I decided to attend this free coaching seminar, when I walked in there and heard what they were talking about, I lit up and I felt like I had found my home.

The biggest lessons I learned

  • I had to commit to learning from others

  • I learned how to be brave, put myself out there and

  • I had to embrace being a student again

Characteristics in people that I needed in my life

  • People that are doers so that I could learn how to do

  • Successful people that were doing the right thing and fighting the good fight

  • I needed people that would bring laughter to my life

  • Champions, I needed people who believed in me when I couldn’t see the road ahead of me

Thank you for always being brave and always being amazing. Thank you for listening to my little story in our little corner of the world.