Overcoming Fear, Prioritizing Family & Co-Founding Pure Salt Interiors {with Leigh Lincoln} - Episode #42


Leigh Lincoln is sharing with us how she went from being a senior vice president at an advertising agency to living the life she always envisioned while becoming co-founder of Pure Salt Interiors, the epitome of beautiful, coastal living brought into your home. Leigh loved her fast-paced, creative corporate gig and the whirlwind lifestyle it brought, but after having her daughter, she knew the job was coming at a cost. Leigh craved more time with family and wanted to pursue her passion of interior design.

Now entering her 4th year of business, Leigh shares with us how she worked her corporate job and startup in tandem, how she questioned if people would take her seriously and how she literally worked for free in order to get to where she is today.

If you’re wondering if you can leave your current job to chase your dream job or if you’re looking at a completely different industry than you are currently in, you won’t want to miss our conversation.

Listen as we discuss how starting at the bottom and taking your experience can help you grow your new business and how to you can actually achieve the goals you are setting out for yourself.

What We’re Talking About

  • Finding Your Path

  • Transferable Skills

  • Reaching Your Goals

Parallel Paths

Leigh continued to work her advertising job while also focusing on the startup of her interior design company. She was parallel pathing, which mitigates risk and vulnerability since you are literally going down two paths at the same time. By working both jobs, she was able to make sure that the company she was creating for herself would also create the life she envisioned for her family. Leigh shares with us how much time she devoted to each job and how she was able to focus on everything at the same time.

Choosing A New Industry

Leaving your current career for something completely different is scary and will have you questioning yourself. How will people accept you as an expert in your field if you’ve never done it before? Will anyone pay for what you are offering? The truth is that at the root of all jobs is the same thing. People. Listen as we discuss how your interactions with people will actually lay the foundation for your next career move.

How To Reach For Your Goals

If you haven’t truly sat down to envision what you want in your life and career, then it’s time. Leigh and I discuss what steps you need to take to not only define your goals but to also set the path in motion to achieving them.

I have loved watching Leigh bring her dream to life and to see the evolution of Pure Salt Interiors grow so monumentally over the years. I can’t wait for you to listen to how she’s accomplished so much while facing her fears and putting her family first in her desires.

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