The Power of Love {A Daily Reminder} - Episode #43


Valentine’s day is a day of love but for many can also be a day of disappointment. So often we build expectations of what we should receive today whether from a significant other or girlfriend or even our own parents, but what happens when those expectations simply aren’t met? The truth is that the power of love is something that can be seen, heard and felt, but it shouldn’t be restricted to one day a year. Love should be shared every single day and with more than only your partner or best friend. Love is more than saying “I love you” and also about seeing the struggles of others.

Today we explore how to show up with more love than you even realize you have in you, how to recognize the struggles of someone else and truly be there for them, and you are going to learn one simple but oh so special tradition that you can start doing immediately to show more love.

What We’re Talking About

  • Showing Up

  • Other People’s Struggles

  • Start a New Tradition

Are You Showing Up With Love?

Whether it’s pausing before you leave for the day and ensuring you tell your partner that you love them or paying for the coffee for the person in the drive-thru behind you, are you showing up with love every day? It’s letting others see and feel how you care about them and truly seeking them out to let them know you love them. It doesn’t have to be huge, over-the-top, shout from the mountains gestures, but ways that are simply meaningful.

Identifying Other People’s Struggles

We live in a world that is chaotic and stressful. There is no single person who is not struggling in some way and wouldn’t welcome some extra love into their life. Look around for opportunities to show up with love, compassion and empathy for others. Whether you do something for someone you know or a complete stranger, you will make a difference that is going to impact the life of someone else .

Do Something New

Take a moment today to start this special tradition that I’m going to share with you. It’s going to make you feel good and has the potential to change someone’s day or even their life! Let go of your expectations and show love to someone today!

I can’t wait to hear how you will show up with love today and every day and how life-changing this beautiful tradition has affected you. Happy Valentine’s day and know that I love you.

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