How To Know If I Should Quit My Job {Plus 3 Important Things To Do Next} - Episode #39


Do you get hit with a feeling of dread on Sunday night, knowing that Monday morning and heading into the office is looming over you? Don’t worry because you’re definitely not alone. Over 80% of people are not happy in their current jobs. If everyone is so miserable, why do they stay put and why aren’t you quitting your job? Before you decide to quit your 9-5, I’ve got some tips on what you should do along with 3 important things you need to do whether you’re ready to find a new career, new relationship, or are already happy right where you are.

Listen in as I tell you about my story of leaving my corporate job to finding the career and life I always dreamed of having!

What We’re Talking About

  • Self Doubt

  • Are You Settling?

  • Next 3 Steps

Struggling With Self Doubt

Not enjoying your job and dreading it daily is stressful and can cause negativity not only in your mind but your body as well. When you feel stuck in your job, you might start to question yourself and your abilities. It’s time to turn that self doubt into confidence and discovering not only your passions but the finding career that is meant for you.

Are You Settling?

Being miserable in your job or relationship and simply living day in and day out continuing to do it, is settling. You are settling for ok and basic instead of pursuing your passions and dreams and living out your best life. A better, happier you makes for a better world. Deciding not to settle will take courage and being brave, but I know you have it in you. You can be brave and try something new.

Next 3 Steps

You are ready to quit your job and have figured out that you’ve been settling all this time, now what? I have three important things that you now need to focus on and they are all based on things you need to do for yourself. You are going to discover greatness and start saying yes to things that light you up because you deserve great.

I cannot wait to hear how you are going to tackle this head on and make great things happen for yourself. Cheers to going after what you truly want and being happy.

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