The Truth About Introverts Running Successful Businesses - Episode #45


As an introvert, there are many things that seem exhausting or impossible when it comes to creating and running a business of your own. The list of things that are the opposite of exciting may seem long, but there’s a huge list of exciting things that come from running a successful business and I’m here to tell you that even as an introvert, you can accomplish all of the exciting things!

Introverts actually hold the biggest marketing secret and superpower around. We are going to discuss just what that superpower is along with 3 truths and tips on how you can leverage it and grow your business from a dream into reality. You’ll not only grow a successful business but will build a network of like-minded people who trust and support you.

What We’re Talking About

  • Running a Business as an Introvert Without Feeling Exhausted

  • A Business Model Made For Introverts

  • 3 Truths and Tips To Leverage Your Introvert Superpower

Excitement Over Exhaustion

You have a dream of having your own business, but as an introvert you see all of the things that can come with starting a business and it’s simply tiring. It’s so easy to make those lists of why not to do something, but what about creating the list of why not? Think of all of the amazing things that will happen in your life if you start your business. Whether it’s working from home or spending more time with those you love, the list can be pretty endless.

Business Model

We live in an online world and that is not changing. Social media can be a scary place as an introvert, but the online world can be an amazing place for a business created by an introvert. The most perfect business model exists for all introverts and we can excel at it exponentially.

Your Introvert Superpower

Everyone wants to be a superhero at some point, but every introvert actually holds a superpower that also happens to be the key to marketing success. This superpower will help you not only create and build the network you crave of people who will support you but will also help you grow your business. Learn how to use your superpower to not just help yourself but those around you as well.

I am so excited for each of you to let me know how you’re using your superpowers and to message me from your favorite pj’s. You are brave and amazing!

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