From Marine Corps Aviation to Amazon to Gary V – His Entrepreneur Journey of Courage & Curiosity - Episode #68


Rich Cardona went from being an aviator in the Marine Corps to entrepreneurship, but it wasn’t an easy or quick journey. Rich is raw and real and is the first to tell you that being an entrepreneur is not cool at all. He is sharing his journey about retiring from the Marine Corps to discovering what he wanted to do as a career and how he wants to change the world. Rich has a personality that is inspiring, lights up a room, and will make you want to hear more from him.

Get ready for some big truths and great advice!

What We’re Talking About

  • Following Your Curiosities

  • Getting To Know Leaders

  • Being An Entrepreneur

Finding Your True Passion

After retiring as a Captain from the US Marine Corp and earning his MBA from USC, Rich had to decide what his next career move would be. He landed an incredible job at Amazon, but as days went by, he found that he didn’t want to keep quiet about when he saw things being done incorrectly. He wasn’t in love with his job and needed to make a change in order to feel fulfilled as he had in the Marine Corps, so he went on a quest to discover what lit him up.

Interviewing CEOs, CFOs, and C-Level Executives

When we look at companies to work for, we look at more than just the position. We look at the company values, the leadership team and whether the company as a whole is the right fit for who we are. Rich has found his purpose in interviewing the executives at large companies to discover their values, beliefs and who they truly are as people, so that we can all get to know these individuals as human beings and not just CEOs.

Entrepreneurship Is Not For The Weak

Rich is the first to tell you that entrepreneurship is not cool. It’s one of the toughest jobs out there and to choose to be an entrepreneur is not for the weak. Being an entrepreneur takes long hours, risk and grit. There’s no one sure thing, but if you can understand and handle all of these things, then the benefits are priceless.

Take action and discover what you love to do!

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