Cards For The Relationships We Really Have With Founder Emily McDowell - Episode #77


Emily McDowell is the founder and creator of cards that are meant for the relationships we really have. After not feeling like she was in the right career and having gone through cancer at the age of 24, Emily knew that the world needed cards that were more than for holidays. Deciding to become an entrepreneur taught Emily that you need to embrace change and the challenges that are inevitable. In doing so, she’s created a line of cards and gifts that are truly meaningful.

If you’re ready to be an entrepreneur, start embracing change and course corrections!

What we’re talking about

  • Navigating Entrepreneurism

  • Getting A Big Break

  • Empathy Cards

Being Ok With Change

Entrepreneurs have to love problem solving, course correction and being ok with change which Emily does and so much more. With a background in brand building and advertising copywriting, Emily went a different route by designing and creating cards and prints. Not quite sure that a $4 product would be something she could make a living on, she went for it anyway. And the rest is history!

Working Against Deadlines

Emily had a big break when Urban Outfitters ordered thousands of her cards…with a demand for a 3 week turnaround. Emily created a team of strangers, including out of work actors and started an assembly line to get cards packaged in time. Not only did she succeed, but when her Empathy Cards launched, Brene Brown became a follower, fan and even told her entire email list about the cards. Emily didn’t shy away from a large order with a deadline and embraced the problem solving aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Cards For The Crappy Moments In Life

After having cancer at the age of 24, Emily is no stranger to the greeting cards that are out there wishing someone to get well. Empathy cards were Emily’s creation to help say what we really mean when those we love are going through the crappiest moments of life and we want to offer them our support and love. 

Don’t send flowers…send a card!