How To Start A Podcast From Your Closet, Like A Pro -Episode #78


Starting a podcast doesn’t take a fancy studio. You can order a mic off Amazon and hunker down in your closet to record the most amazing material that the world is just waiting to hear. As humans we have plenty of reasons that hold us back from doing such a thing, but launching a podcast can truly be a life changing experience. If you’re ready to share your talents and gifts with the world and to create amazing relationships that you didn’t know existed, then it’s time for you to start a podcast from your closet!

Create a podcast and let your voice be heard!

What we’re talking about

  • Deciding To Start A Podcast

  • Beginning A Podcasting Journey

  • Discovering Who You Are 

Reasons Why You Should Launch A Podcast

You have that twinge in your stomach where you know you were meant to share more of your talents with the world. You listen to a podcast and think you’d love to do it, but at the same time you wonder who would listen or how would you come up with topics or would people roll their eyes at you when they hear you started one? The answer to all of those questions is that yes, you should start a podcast because you have talents, stories and messages to share with the world. 

Just Hit Record

It’s easy to put off starting your podcast, but when you decide now is truly the time,  all you need to do is order a microphone off Amazon and you’re on your way. Order a mic, a muffler, go sit in your closet with your computer and hit record. Start with a story that made you appreciate a friend or life and share it. Chances are that your story is going to resonate with other people and they’re going to want to hear more. By simply hitting record, you’re creating something worth so much value for your loved ones, especially your kids to hear your thoughts and life lessons.

Podcasting Shares Your Gifts With The World

By starting a podcast, I have truly learned the most about who I am, but also so much about others. Being able to interview people opens up a new world of stories and creates relationships that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Every single one of us have gifts we were born with and it is our duty to share them with the world. Podcasts are the perfect medium to share those talents.

You’re brave and have so much to share with the world!