How To Find Your True Self & Be Brave {Featuring Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Ray} - Episode #87


Dr. Rebecca Ray is a clinical psychologist and author who left her successful practice to help others be courageous in finding their true self. Dr. Ray is getting real about what it’s like to start an online business and the challenges that come with creating something new. She’s candid about her failures and how she has come to trust her intuition over her mind, how being human means having doubts, and how to find a place in your work life that is meaningful. 

She was never quite ready, but she was brave and the universe was ready.

What we’re talking about

  • Learning From Your Failures

  • The Truth About Starting A Business

  • Finding Your People

Failing More Than Once Often Leads To Success

Dr. Ray didn’t fail once, but many times. She shares how it started with wanting to become an airline pilot at age 18 to having her own private psychology practice where she took on too many clients in an effort to help everyone who was referred to her. Dr. Ray left her successful practice to start writing and create courses that help people discover their true self while feeling inspired. 

Starting A Business Is Not Easy

No one ever said starting a business was easy, but Dr. Ray is getting raw about what it truly looks like. She discusses how her finances aren’t what they were while she had a private practice, how building an online presence is something that must be worked at and how being human means that she has doubts in all of it at times. 

Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded People

The beauty in being an author and creating an online community is that people tell Dr. Ray how inspired they are or how their lives have changed and those are her people. When others resonate with your message and yearn for more, then you know they are like-minded and the type of people you should be surrounding yourself with. 

It’s a constant journey. It’s a constant evolution.