How To Test Out A Business Idea Or New Career (Minimalist Style) - Episode #88


A new business idea or career move can seem daunting, but if you test it out in a small way, you’ll soon discover what the right move for you is. Discover three questions you should ask yourself when you start to think of a new product or business or career and how the answers will help lead you on the path you’re meant to be on. Until you do something that is actionable, you won’t have the answers, you’ll end up staying where you are and you’ll lose confidence. It’s time to take a minimalist approach to figuring out which ideas you should go for. 

It’s time to dip your toe in the water!

What we’re talking about

  • Podcast With Soul Mastermind

  • 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Testing Things Out

Creating A Mastermind Using The Minimalist Approach

After being asked by so many about how to start a podcast and what equipment to use and editor recommendations, my head started turning with ideas of  a mastermind, a course, a course with friends, a weekend retreat, but simply having those ideas wasn’t getting me anywhere. Instead I decided to create a small mastermind and test it out to see if this would be something I would want to do, if others would enjoy it and if it would be useful for everyone. 

How To Determine What You Should Go For

There are three questions you should ask yourself when thinking about a new product, a new career or a new business. 1) What will I enjoy or love enough to hustle and follow through and make happen? 2) What will give me the financial payout that I need to make the hours I’m working worth it? 3) Which product or idea will people walk away from saying “Holy cow, that was epic!”?

Testing Things Out Is Part Of The Process

Testing things out is a crucial part of any process whether in your business or your personal life. Rarely do you simply jump right into the water without first getting your toe wet and knowing what possible outcomes there are. You wouldn’t marry someone after just looking at their online profile, nor are you going to launch a new business without doing ample research and testing out your idea. You need to do something actionable in order to find the answers and testing it is a crucial part of obtaining the answers. 

Life is too short not to go for your ideas.