Pinpoint Your Career “Sweet Spot” With Business Advisor Gina Gomez - Episode #72


Gina Gomez isn’t just a business advisor and strategist, but is known as the Olivia Pope of the personal development industry. Gina went from a corporate career that she knew and an industry that knew her to launching her own business in a brand new arena where no one knew her. Learning from every interaction where there she received a “no” has taught Gina incredible lessons. Developing skills and talents in a new industry isn’t luck but something that you have to learn and Gina shares how she does that and also helps people create safe spaces for people to use their voice.

Success isn’t luck, it’s hard work and developing new talents.

What we’re talking about

  • Changing Careers

  • Being Told No

  • Teaching Diversity

Discovering What You Are Good At But Also Enjoy Doing

Gina left the corporate life and went on to find a career that she truly enjoyed doing, but it wasn’t easy. Leaving an industry that you know so well, have a reputation in and is simply easy makes it tough to jump into a new industry where you aren’t known and your reputation doesn’t precede you. Gina’s advice is to find what you enjoy doing. Building a business around what you enjoy doing will take time and effort but it will fall into place.

Learning From The Word “No”

Coming from a career in which being told “yes” after a presentation was the norm for Gina. She felt confident in what she did and what she presented. Switching careers brought on a new answer though which often times included the word “no.” Recognizing that being told “no” was not a reflection on who Gina was or the job she did, she has been able to learn from every time she was told “no.”

Finding Your Voice And Using It For Good

One of Gina’s specialties is teaching others about diversity inclusion and teaching people how to treat other people. People don’t use their voice when they feel unsafe which means they don’t stand up for what is right or what they believe in. By making others feel safe, we can encourage them to use their voice and stand up for all the good in the world.

Be confident in the yes but learn from every no!