How To Craft A Happy Life You Love {with Amy Tangerine} - Episode #73


Amy Tan, or Amy Tangerine as most of you might know her by, is the true definition of living a happy life and just looking at her creations will inspire you to be happier. Amy is a creative genius and craft maven who loves color, scrapbooking and design. Amy started out in fashion and after Cindy Crawford was featured in Glamour magazine wearing one of her creations, she knew she was on to something. Today, Amy has a scrapbooking line, a Be Happy Planner, crafts and a new book, Craft A Life You Love, and a podcast!

Get ready for smiles and a boost of happy!

What We’re Talking About

  • Creating Your Own Path

  • Taking Small Steps

  • Celebrating Your Gifts

When Things Go Wrong, Craft Your Own Life

Amy moved to Los Angeles for a job and after arriving, purchasing a new car and ready to start her new journey, she learned the job was no longer available. Instead of packing up and moving back to Chicago, Amy’s dad encouraged her to explore where she was and to make new connections that would lead her to crafting the career and life she wanted to live.

Every Step Builds Your Business

Amy reminds us that taking small, incremental steps are what builds your business. Every single step you take in your business is an action that counts and will help you grow. Learning to do various aspects of your business are also what is going to help you because you only learn in doing. By being hands on you will gain the knowledge and insight of what your business is and how to increase your business.

Embracing Your Originality

Amy is by far one of the most original people on this planet but she does a fabulous job in encouraging each of us to share our talents because we are all originals. Just as every work of art or scrapbook is an original piece, so too are you and your talents and it’s your job to share them with the world.

Wander toward wonderful!

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