Killing The Word “Side Hustle” and Creating A Brand New Deodorant with CEO Rachel Ricker - Episode #74


Rachel Ricker is no stranger to hustling and not only works for a Fortune 50 company, but is also the founder and CEO of the Smell Sweet Company. The Smell Sweet Company launched after Rachel started researching deodorants and couldn’t find one that was truly organic and FDA approved. Rachel has launched her business, continues working her 9-5 and is a mom of 2. She’s sharing how Google is her best friend, how rewarding it is to create a mindful movement business and how launching a business isn’t just a side hustle. 

Being mindful of your deodorant and smelling good has never been so easy!

What we’re talking about

  • Death to the “Side Hustle”

  • Changing Your Priorities

  • Taking Action

It’s More Than A Side Gig

Today it seems many people are starting side hustles, but is it really something that is just on the side when you work so hard at it? Rachel continued to work her corporate job, raise her children and be a wife while researching her business, looking for manufacturing companies and launching her business. Creating a company is NOT a side hustle by any means, so it’s time to stop calling it one. 

When Priorities Shift

Rachel missed her son’s first two weeks of Kindergarten due to a big project at work and having to be out of the country. When the company decided to end the project before it was finished, Rachel realized it was time to take stock of her priorities and create something that belonged to her and allowed her to be present at the important milestones of her family. 

Launching Your Business

Launching a business can appear to be daunting, but Rachel relied on her Google resources to help map out her launch which she completed in just 8 months. According to Rachel, this could have been done sooner, but wanting to take a vacation before launching was a priority….and exactly why she is creating this business for herself and her family.

Create something of your own…anyone can do it!