The Right Way To Leave Your 9-5 {Featuring Client & Friend Eryn Marshall} - Episode #82

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Eryn Marshall had a successful career as a tech recruiter in San Francisco, but knew it wasn’t her passion. In her quest to make health coaching her career, she took time to research this new field and find a way to leave her 9-5 in a way that made her feel proud. From surrounding herself with a tribe in her new niche to dating in the big city, Eryn is sharing how coaching and mentors helped shape her journey and make it a positive one. 

Life is too short to settle!

What we’re talking about

  • Craving A Soulful Career

  • Discovering A New Career

  • Dating In A Big City

Wanting More From Your Career

Eryn had a career in the tech world as a recruiter and was not only good at her job but she enjoyed it and the people she worked with. The issue was that her soul wasn’t into it and she knew there was more in the work world for her than what she was doing. Eryn searched out people in the field she was interested in and started looking for a way in which she could leave her career in a way that made her proud.

Testing The Water Before Diving In

Eryn’s passion of becoming a health coach led her to researching others in the health field and learning everything she could about what it would take to turn that passion into her career. One of the things most don’t see from social media feeds is that most people are turning to side hustles to fund their passions until they can make a full-time income out of it. It often takes more work to turn your passion into a career, but finding your tribe will help you grow in your niche and surround yourself with like-minded people. 

There Are Many Fish In The Sea

Dating in a big city is hard and there are actually a lot of fish in the sea to choose from. Eryn’s motto is that life is too short to settle, so she’s put in the work to not only find awesome people but to also hear success stories from couples who married later in life. If you only think about how hard dating is or life is, then that’s the experience you will end up with. 

Don’t dwell on the negative…start embracing the positive!