Top 5 Podcasts of 2018 for Whiskey & Work - Episode #29


I want to share 5 Podcasts that EVERYONE was talking about in 2018, so you can kickstart your year with the perfect combo of inspiration and practical tools. Also, I just want to thank so many of you who have written a review about the podcast! If you’ve gotten even one small nugget of wisdom, inspiration or motivation from any of our podcasts this year, will you do us a favor and leave us a review in iTunes? It takes about 2 minutes but truly means the world to me and my team as it helps us be able to keep offering free content like this.

What We’re Talking About

  • Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

1. How a Celebrity Nutritionist Started Her Business from Scratch {with Kelly Leveque} - Episode #5

With a hint of Kelly’s sass, she takes us through her experiences with some of our favorite celebrities, the science behind fads & lasting diets, and what it was like starting her business from scratch just a few years ago.

One thing you’re going to learn and hear about in this episode are some of the mistakes she made when she first started out, and these are some of my favorite stories!

Listen to this episode here!

2. The New Southern with Self Taught, Heart of Gold, Architectural Digest & People Mag

Photographer {with Alyssa Rosenheck} - Episode #19

Alyssa is an architectural photographer and stylist, praised on the pages of the world’s leading magazines but really, it’s her spirit and soul that has touched the hearts of so many people. As a storyteller, and fierce champion of her clients, Alyssa believes in the power of vulnerability and creativity.

We laughed, we cried and we talked about everything from being diagnosed with cancer to starting a business with zero skills later on in life and how to create soulful, meaningful friendships.

Listen to this episode here!

3. If You Had 24 Hours to Live, What Would You Do? {with Alexandra Franzen} - Episode #15

Alexandra Franzen (aka Alex), a blue haired bestselling author writes articles about creativity, productivity, communication, goal-setting, entrepreneurship, and how to deal with difficult situations in your life and career.

One of the things you are going to hear is the struggle we have to share new things with the world.

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4. How To Plan Your Business Goals Around Work & Life {with Natalie Gingrich} - Episode #27

Natalie Gingrich, a mother of two and a native Texan, left it all behind to start an online business where she Project Manages other women’s six and seven figure businesses. After 15 years in a Fortune 150 company, today’s guest is sharing her journey of letting go. Letting go of having to live 2 lives, and having to put on 2 different personalities – one for work and one for home.

One thing that you’re going to hear and learn in this episode is how to goal set the right way and wrong way.

Listen to this episode here!

5. How to Find Your Passion Without Quitting Your Job {A 30-Day Plan} - Episode #2

We figure out what your passions are, how to find and how to be a little bit more interesting along the way. We dive in to goal setting and time management. Something you will hear and learn is how to create a new routine that is consistent, only 15mins a day and allows you to figure out your passion.

Listen to this episode here!

Thank you so much to everyone who has listened, shared, written to me, wrote a review – this was such a labor of love. I treasure every single thing you have said deep in my soul.

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